RFT email banner ad

RFT email banner ad

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Digital media ads in 2012 exceeded the $35.8 billion that U.S. print magazines and newspapers garnered in ad revenue in 2011.

Online ads can be targeted now more than ever.  While online ads have commonly been about delivering ads to buyers who have interacted with a brand, now there’s the ability to personalize by delivering ads based on where the person is in the buying cycle. Couple this with the use of GPS-enabled mobile devices gaining momentum daily, and the future of online advertising becomes very focused. Advertisers will begin delivering ads that send precise messages to potential customers at the exact moment they need it.

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Print ads are still a tool in marketing toolboxes for businesses with local audiences.  Here are some of my designs:


Whether writing, directing, acting in, or designing props and helping edit, I have the skills to help your small business develop videos that meet your goals.