Event Marketing

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Events are a form of experiential marketing. Developing a successful, fun event is a great way to promote your brand and/or organization and have attendees associate a good experience with it. I can and have developed, strategized and managed many successful experiential marketing events over the years.

Parent Organization Auction

Over the course of 4 years (2003-2007) I chaired and helped raise over $140,000 for elementary school parent organization through an online auction: reedschoolauction.com

Tastings 2010

Raised more than ever before for St. Louis Society for the Physically Disabled in a wine tasting / auction event. Vicky Newton, guest host.

Women’s Weekends

I co-host, hire staff and handle all the marketing and registration for this bi-annual retreat at Camp Manitowa.  The next — Women’s Weekend Six — is scheduled for May 3 -5.

Sunset Hills Triathlon

In August of 2012, I managed all of the online marketing, logo design, and registration for this 4th annual event that doubled in size from the previous year. Swim Bike Run’s Sunset Hills Triathlon’s Facebook Page

These are some fundraising events I’ve put together in the past several years.  There are countless brand-building events and many events over my 20 years experience to add to this list.  Events are one of my favorite aspects of marketing.  It puts you in front of the customer and their success is always a good time.