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    Mirror Mirror Hairstyles

    Website Design

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    Yoga Source

    Logo Design | Website Design | Social Media | E-newsletter | MindBody Online

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    Website Design | Social Media | Event Evites

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    Seedz Cafe

    Website Design | Social Media Marketing

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    Website Design & Management | Some Social Media | Graphic Design | Trade Show Marketing | Collateral Materials

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    Lift For Life Academy

    Website Updates for Event Marketing | Social Media Posting | Event Registration/E-vites | E-Newsletter

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    Magnificent Missouri

    Website Maintenance | E-newsletters | Event Marketing | Graphic Design | All Social Media | Co-developed/Manage Open Source Calendar

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    Barry Hamilton Video Productions

    Wrote & Designed Website | Facebook Page Graphics

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    School Associations

    My web design started while putting a site together for my kids’ parent teacher association. I was then hired by two other schools in our district to do theirs.



    New Brand Identity | Website | Social Media Posts | Write/Edit monthly newsletter | Logo design | Manage their MindBody account | Business cards | Trifold | Events

Healthy Planet Ad

Print Ads Require a Plan that Includes ROI

Ads are only valuable if you can determine that they brought in customers.  Our registration process asks where our participants heard of the retreat, helping us understand the ad’s Return On Ivestment (ROI).  Determining where to place ads is based …

Women's Weekend at Camp Manitowa Flier

Personal Marketing

While the internet is the ideal medium for marketers, many times a personal interaction is needed to gain new business.  If you need a flier or brochure to distribute in person or hang in local shops, contact me with the …


Post Card Mailers

Save the Dates, customer appreciation messages, and quick announcements can be readily made through the US Postal Service with a strategically designed post card that fits USPS standards.

Women's Weekend 6

Event Marketing

Events are a form of experiential marketing. Developing a successful, fun event is a great way to promote your brand and/or organization and have attendees associate a good experience with it. I can and have developed, strategized and managed many …

Designing Debby facebook page

Facebook Pages and Posts

If you are interested in being found online, you must have an active social media plan that includes Facebook for the vast majority. Were it a country, Facebook would be the third largest country in the world. There were 2.7 …