Your business has to have video incorporated into its marketing message, period.

Here’s why:

Online videos can serve several purposes — commercials, testimonials and viral videos are some examples.  When a potential customer visits your website, a brief video can be a simple, time-efficient way for him/her to learn about your business, product or service.  Where a viral video is typically more entertaining or speaks to an emotional response in order to get shared (go viral) and build your brand by connecting good feelings to it.

Faster Internet connection speeds are allowing smooth streaming of HD web video on desktops as well as mobile devices, making video instantly accessible and a necessary form of engagement for brands. And, now more than ever, companies need to be found online. Behind Google, the second biggest search engine is YouTube. Your company’s site will be closer to the top of the search engine lists by adding an engaging YouTube page and videos to your marketing campaign.

With the numbers of consumers engaging in social media, the holy grail of online marketing is a viral video campaign. Effective viral videos need to entertain by hitting that spot between silly and sarcastic that’s needed to get the Internet’s like button.

If you want a video that makes a genuine connection with potential customers — by teaching, inspiring and/or making them laugh — contact Designing Debby to get started.  To view some videos and slideshows I’ve directed, edited and/or acted in, visit Designing Debby’s YouTube page.

Here’s a video I acted in, designed props for, and helped direct for a fundraising event. It was a first year for the event and it was a huge success with over 1500 racers registered.